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Mari Tournament

A puzzle game for everyone free to play.
 Daily esport
tournament to challenge yourself in our survival mode. 

Daily Winner Rewards

1st $300 HKD - $38 USD

2nd $100 HKD - $12 USD


Find Bonus Winner


Bonus Winner

3-100 Ranks 

Everyday there will be 4 players

between 3-100 ranks.

Selected to be our

Bonus WINNER each get $3 USD

How to Claim rewards


If you are a winner we will email you. You need to reply with the information to process. If you think you win and did not receive the email. Please message us via Facebook Messager!


If you use Facebook to Login, please screen capture your leaderboard that will show your Username and the day of the leaderboard and email to or Facebook messenger us at


If you are living in Hong Kong
our payment method will be ATM transfer to your bank account or Paypal 

ATM transfer

please provide 

1. your full name, 2. bank name and 3. account number. 

Hong Kong resident receive only HKD rewards.


If you are from Taiwan 

Bank transfer

please provide 

1. your full name, 2. bank name and 3. account number. 


We can only do online transfer to your bank account.(Receive TWD rewards)


For all other country 


we will only do Paypal. (Receive USD rewards)

All transaction fee will be pay by the recipient 

To claim your rewards winners will receive an email from us. Email will be send to the one that register in the game. 

Please ensure your email is correct and working. Check your spam mailbox as well.

To change your email address we need your user ID message us in facebook page.

If any question message us to our facebook page.  

*We are not related to any game publisher. All game rewards or related to Daily leaderboard winner will be from D88CN.



Rules of the tournament


To be the Top 2 highest scorer & the bonus Winners, by the end of the Remaining time limit set in our daily Leaderboard.


Under a tie score the player with the earliest time stamp will be rank


All reward of the tournament must be claim within 72 hours. If not claim on time you will be forfeit your right to your rewards. Email will be send out next day later afternoon!



**To change email address require to confirm with the old email address. If we cant validate via old email then we can not proceed. Best to create a new account!!!
To claim the reward email require to be validated. If not, rewards will not be able to claim!

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