How to Play?

You & Friend can Each Win $1000  

Event End Time: End of Everyday (11:59pm (GMT+8))

How to Win: Score the highest coins in the leaderboard by end time.


Rewards: Winner and his Invitor* will each get $100 

*Invitor is the person doing the inviting   *Invitee is a person who has been invited 

Contest end on Nov 30 2019 


Frist Place: $100

 The more friend you refer the more chance to help you to win!


If Invitee* Won, the Invitor* will also Won.


We only count one level down to pair-up the Winners!


One Invitee* and One Invitor* as winner Only!


Question please email


*Invitor is the person doing the inviting .  *Invitee is a person who has been invited  





       How to Refer Friends?

Refer friends just click the top right menu and scroll down and click Whatsapp to your friends


Click view leaderboard in the middle of the wheel to see your rank


G Cash can BUY COINS please message us via

FB page Messenger

Buy Sticker will get more FREE COINS

Click in the middle of the wheel View Leaderboard

Under Won most Amount!

Just Click BUY NOW

Select the right Sticker

How to Redeem?

All Canadian player will require to answer a 4 parts Math question

before claim as a winner for the CashOut!!

Detail Rules

Each Player will get Free CASH coins everyday

Additional CASH COIN can be purchase!

The wheel timer will start when 2 or more player joined.

After 1min 28 sec the wheel will turn and land on a Player's colour WINs.

Point will be accumulated until the end of the END TIME.

2,000,000 Cash Coin redeem $10 dollar

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15% commission will deduced from each round

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