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*If you like Dragon ball you will like "One Shot”. 


*The game is to collect all 7 of the dragon balls and summon the dragon.


*The games is easy to play just shoot and hunt the fish to get as many payback gold coins.


*Each shot cost min 0.1 gold coin


*Each kill will payback player certain amount of gold coins (depend on the cost per shot)


*Different fish give different payback of gold coins


*The more payback the higher the score. 


*Kill the dragon will get 500X bonus 

How to Win Tournament

88 Fish

No idea how to play shooting fish online? It’s just so simple, pick your gun and start to shoot fishes, the more stake you gain, the greater chance of killing the big fish and trigging the big score. 
To get started, you choose your stake 0.01, 0.1 or 0.2 per shot. After choose the multiplier cannon to shoot, the + and - let you change the muliplier.  Second, click the fish will shot lock the target fish. Double click the ground will unlock shooting target. Third click the stars to change the shot speed.  It’s simple to hunt fish and to SCORE, isn’t it?
The Top 50 Players
that score the highest score
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