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How to Win? 

must watch!!!



Tournament and Bonus Win $3

$200 pool 100% Win Rate, Grab Charm



1 Rank  0.25 cents

2 Rank  0.15 cents

3 Rank  0.1 cents

  4 Rank  0.01 cents

  5 Rank  0.01 cents

All rewards will be auto deposit to the wallet

by end of the tournament!

Above is the updated new rewards!


Easy Bonus Win

1-900 Ranks 

Everyday there will be 6 players

Selected to be our

Bonus WINNER each get $3 USD

All rewards will be auto deposit to the wallet

by end of the tournament!

Lucky Charm




Score over 1000 points or 10000 in Survival get 1 Charm or 2 Charms

All Charms will store in CHARM WALLET


To find out the values of the Charm

Click Lucky Charm Icon (30%-40% Win Rate) 

($1000 dollar pool size)


Grab Charm Icon (100% Win Rate)

($200 dollar pool size)


Each use of Charm will tell you the value of it.


All the Charm dollar will be store in your dollar wallet for redeem.


Winner Contact Email

Enter your email address. Before your Redeem. Just Click from the right side of the main screen.

Min $10

Max $500(per day)

How to get free Coins

Rewards Video, click on it to get Coins or Gems. Reward Ads will randomly give out Coins and Gems

Scratch Cards inventory


Lucky Charm inventory, click on it you will see all your scratch card saved. max is 50 cards!

How to Cash out?


All Rewards will deposit to the Wallet 

Redeem at anytime Min $10

Max $500 (Per day )

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Claim process take at least 24 hours or less after you reply back our confirmation email

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